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Content Development

Content is one of the few important pillars that hold the foundation of a website. A website without relevant content is like a body without a soul. When we say content development, it doesn’t merely mean writing. Content development has much more to it than just filling up space on a web page. It can at times be a grueling job that is quite extensive and comprises of a lot of research work, assimilation, organization, editing etc. Only when a write up under goes all these phases, is it considered worth for publication on a website. As a matter of fact this holds true even for offline writing.

One very basic characteristic of web content development is that it has to be SEO targeted. The style and the language used in online writing is also distinctly different as against offline writing. However, the most important element that content development for websites should have is the ability to generate returns. The content adorning the site should be paying. It has to bring out the objective of the website’s existence to the fullest. Content is the primary medium that drives people to a website hence, it can be nothing short than informative, crisp, interesting and easily intelligible. And these are just the most important characteristics that a website should have. There are many other factors that content development for websites should cater to. A web content developer should never forget the fact that internet users are usually short of patience and they very seldom take the pain to go through a boring, disorganized and lengthy content, even though it is informative. All these aspects for content development can be only met by individuals who are trained and professionals in the area of content development.

The best part is that today there are a number of concerns from where one can hire professional content developers to develop content for their sites. Depending on the theme of the website and the resources that are available, one has the choice to choose content developers on a platter. Infinity Informations Pvt Ltd has been providing quality content development since 2001 to a number of websites dealing in as varied domains as ecommerce, IT, fashion, travel, automobiles, gadgets, medicines, lifestyle etc. As we deal in SEO as well, it makes it easier for us to develop contents that are SEO friendly apart from inculcating all the basic characteristics that a web content needs to have. In addition, Infinity Information also has qualified and specialized professionals to write other forms of writings like blog writing, articles for PR upgradation etc. We make sure to hire individuals who have a strong background in English as it is the global language and also the language that is phenomenally used in writing content on the internet. We also make sure to have specified content developers in our company with specialization and experience in writing for all the possible forms of writing that might exist on the net. We also have able expertise in technical writing having done a number of projects on the same. That we even have a development department also helps us in making our technical writings intelligible, prim and vivid, so that even a layman can understand them. Listed below are the approximate charges of the web content development services we provide at Infinity Informations.

All the prices are in USD.

Categories Price comparison

Fresh webpage/ Homepage, Main links

$30 (comprising of approximately 250 words, 30 lines, written in 12pt times new roman)

Fresh webpage/ Sub links

$15(comprising of approximately 250 words, 30 lines, written in 12pt times new roman)

Content Redoing

$12 (comprising of approximately 250 words, 30 lines, written in 12pt times new roman)

Complete website

$150-2500 (depending on the number of pages and quality required)

Proof reading, editing etc

$20 (per page comprising of approximately 250-300 words)

Newsletter, brochure

$20 (30 lines/250 words/12pt Times New Roman)

Article Writing

$10(comprising of approximately 250 words, 30 lines, written in 12pt times new roman)

Blog Creation/ Writing

$ 10 (per blog with content of minimum 200-250 words)



Case studies

$25-50 (per page depending on number of pages and quality required)

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