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See your Trade Scale New Heights with our SEO targeted ecommerce solution!

An online existence along with all its pros also has some cons like a low or no page rank at all, pure oblivion apart from being known by the offline customers if at all you have a retail outlet offline. Once you vest the responsibility of your estore on us you can backtrack to the relaxing mode. We take all important steps and make the extra effort to keep a track on the go of the market. We take the pain so that our clients can have the satisfaction of finding their sites in the top ten pages of the major search engines.

There are certain tools that help improve the SEO rankings of your site. We are glad to say that we at Infinity make use of the following methods to improve the rankings of our clients.

  • Robust research into the SEO friendly keywords.
  • Find out whether the current keywords are showing results.
  • Keep track of the sites back linking to your site along with their PRs and descriptions.
  • We regularly keep a check on the ranks of your site for the most popular keywords in Yahoo and Google search results.
  • Keep a count of the links that your site has in Yahoo, MSN, and Google.
  • We update you on the PRs of your site alongside working towards improving them.
  • We are also at home in developing the SEO rankings of your site for a particular targeted customer base, or region.
  • We also keep track of the speed of the site.
  • We also optimize your HTML code.
  • We also undertake complete optimization of a website.

Apart from dealing with the SEO rankings of a client site we also give importance on the SEO factors while developing a site. Creating a SEO friendly estore is one of our primary prerogatives. Our motive is not just dumping you with a regular go of the day ecommerce software. We look into the following aspects while creating your site.

  • The web design of your site, apart from being professional, simple and effective is also made SEO friendly so that it is fast and easy to use so as to increase traffic to the site and ultimately its rankings.
  • The site is developed with the intention of keeping it light without compromising on the quality.
  • Easy to understand content, covering all the popular and SEO friendly keywords for your site.
  • The features of your shopping cart are tailor made to suit both the admin and the users. The features of the shopping cart are instrumental to the popularity of the site. The shopping cart features apart from being unique and pertaining to the site also have to be such that increases the popularity and usability of the site.

The direction in which online marketing is heading in the modern times, the importance of an SEO friendly web site cannot be over looked. Higher PRs are suggestive of a good web site and thus higher chances of having visitors and also of converting those visitors into customers. As has been mentioned in the very beginning of the section, page rankings of your site will never be a cause of worry for you as we develop your solution in such a way that it satisfies all those conditions that are mandatory for impressive page ranks.

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