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Making a shift online has become a much sought after option to catapult the profits by a margin that is not possible by staying offline and that too within a short period of time. An ecommerce solution is imperative for the shift into the online market. Online market has evolved in a surprisingly short frame of time, and it won't be wrong to say that it has evolved beyond everyone's expectations. Infinity Informations facilitate you to reap the most of this trend by providing ecommerce solution with features that are not only state of the art, effective and pocket friendly but are also aimed at surviving the soaring competition in the field. At Infinity most of the ecommerce solutions are developed in due to its obvious advantages over the other developing applications. The features of are just perfect to attest the success of your site. However, the demand of our coveted clients is the supreme and if they want their sites to be developed in some other technology we cater to that also.

Advantages of

  • The codes required in building an application is substantially minimized by the use of
  • Solutions made in do not face performance setbacks even when used by multiple users at the same time. is also faster as compared to the other applications.
  • The information entered by the user is authorized by sans the process of writing the codes.
  • In the HTML and source code are together. This makes writing and maintaining the made pages far more convenient.
  • Flexibility and robust performance is ensured when the pages are made in as the source code is executed in the server.
  • The application source code that is written cannot be stolen and the HTML that an page produces is transferred back to the browser.
  • When an page is demanded for the very first time the web server compiles the source code for every single time the page is requested in the future. This aspect saves a lot of time thus making execution faster.
  • Development of an application gets quite smooth, easy and simple with the use of helps towards the effective maintenance of the developed application with an event-driven, server side programming model.
  • The server controls identify the properties of the target browser and after that they modify themselves to suit the target browser.
  • It is easy for the providers to deploy an made application as it is not required to keep count of the components that were used in the formation of the solutions. All the configuration information is stored automatically. They are in-built.
  • The components, pages, and applications made in are constantly kept a strict vigil on by the web server on which they run. The web server thus immediately detects any abnormality whatsoever, as for example, faulty memory activities, infinite loops, foreign softwares etc. Not only does it detect, it also does away with all the abnormalities and restarts itself.
  • is an application that is used in order to access data that is stored in the relational database systems. ADO.NET and can be made to work together by the use of data formatting and page binding systems.

However, too has shortcomings, though they are quite few and far between.

Disadvantages of

  • Firstly, because of the innumerable advantages of over the other applications its costs are comparatively higher.
  • Secondly, the control of the code in which the solution is made is merged together with the web server controls thus making it impossible for the user to have direct control on the controls.
  • The applications run only in the windows platform. Be it Windows server 2003 or VS.NET, both are quite costly and this makes the use of comparatively limited.

Inspite of the fact that is the most preferred of all the developing applications, there are other applications also that are immensely popular among the developers for their distinct and individual plus points. Below, there is a brief labeling of the most important advantages as well as the disadvantages of two of the most popular developing applications apart from, namely PHP and JAVA. Infinity is also at home in developing sites in these applications as well

Advantages of PHP

  • The biggest advantage of PHP is that it is easy to learn and also comparatively easy to use. In addition PHP is fast and stable.
  • The simplicity factor of PHP contributes to its easy functionality.
  • PHP is fairly fast when it works with other software. It also works efficiently in the company of other software.
  • PHP scores above its competitors because of its expertise in connectivity. While interfacing with graphics, XML, and encryption and other such libraries PHP uses modular system of extensions. PHP can be extended by developers and programmers. They can write their own extensions and assemble them with the executable or they can build an executable which is loaded by using PHP.
  • These extensions apart, PHP also have database interfaces that support Oracle, My SQL, Informix etc. The server interfaces support, Roxen, IIS, THTTPD, AOL server, and Apache.
  • In case of the failure of a database in supporting a software, ODBC (open database connectivity) can be used as an option.
  • Being an open source PHP also gets the advantages of open source software like flexibility, dynamism, regular updates, improvements, and modifications.

Disadvantages of PHP

  • The greatest drawback of PHP is that if your site is developed in PHP you won't be able to use applications that are developed in Windows, like ASP because PHP is developed in UNIX. PHP does not support ASP, .net as well as Visual Basic.
  • Another very basic drawback of PHP is in relevance with the security issues. The faulty security issues are quite inherent with PHP but they can be guarded if you are aware of the precautions that are to be taken in order to safeguard your PHP code.
  • PHP is not as expensive as other applications. Sites that are developed in PHP are also not that expensive. Therefore there are many web hosting companies that host quite a few websites into one server that affects the quality of your site, including the speed, functionality, and application.

Advantages of Java

  • The biggest advantage of java is that a program that is made in java can run in any platform without the need to modify and develop the software for every other platform.
  • Java can even prevent an incorrect application program from corrupting the whole of the computing environment.
  • Java is a much known technology. It is one of the most popular application and most of the developers and programmers are acquainted with it.
  • Having reusable codes and modular programs is a very important plus point of java. This is possible because java is predominantly about objects. Programming in java comprises of creation of objects, their manipulation, their functioning and when they are co existing, making them perform together.

Disadvantages of Java

  1. The programs that are written in java are comparatively slower than the other programs that are written in applications like Programs made in java run on a virtual machine that is responsible for its slow speed.
  2. Another very annoying and risky drawback of programs written in java is that sometimes it happens that inspite of programs being written correctly, they may run incorrectly if the java virtual machine is written incorrectly. When a program as big the size of the virtual machine is written certain loopholes tend to remain, even after numerous testing. These loopholes might create different problems when a java virtual machine runs in different platforms., PHP and Java are the most preferred applications to develop a site. They are also favorites among the developers world wide. However, there are certain other applications where a site can be developed and that also have a strong footing in the area of software development. These are collectively known as the open source software or OSS.

In a nutshell open source software as is evident from the name is free computer software that meets the terms and conditions that an open source license should have. The users can modify, change, improve, distribute, sell, and buy the software as and when required freely. Perl, Python, Ruby, TK/Tcl, joomla and even PHP are some of the popular open source softwares.

Advantages of Open Source Software

  • Open source software is often proved to be more reliable, secure and safe as there are quite a huge number of developers modifying them for the good, identifying their loopholes and correcting them. The open source softwares are continually upgraded and updated as per requirements. Hence they also do not suffer the risk of getting outdated.
  • Flexibility is another very important advantage of OSS. Due to the modular systems the developers and programmers are enabled to enact interfaces that are customized. Numerous brains come together in building and modifying an OSS and hence they are very dynamic as well as very innovative.
  • The commercial aspect of developing a software is not that dominant in the development of an OSS. The developers and the programmers can single mindedly devote attention to auguring the efficiency, security, and functionality of the software rather than to make it aim at the objective of satisfying the customers alone.
  • Open source software allows the companies that deal in them achieve a competitive edge in the market.

Disadvantages of Open Source Software

  • In the development of an open source software certain very important aspects of an application development are feared to be ignored or at best overlooked. For example the functionality of the application might have certain loopholes as the application might not be thoroughly checked.
  • Documentation is another factor that might suffer in OSS. However, both these loopholes are commonly noticed in the applications that are developed at a small scale.
  • Sometimes the defects of the applications are also identified quite late and they are also not quite safe from the hackers. The defects of an open source software are not as well guarded as the closed source software.
  • Open source software is also devoid of a data on the productivity and quality of the product.
  • Neglect of the market requirements is another factor that strongly goes against the open source software.
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