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Pacific Merchants

Pacific Merchants has been dealing in the industry of utensils and crockery for some time now and when the time came for finding an online foothold we chose Infinity Informations Pvt Ltd for building our online storefront.

Along with the increase in visibility we also wanted a design that would convert visitors into buyers. Increase in the sales was our prerogative. After we partnered Infinity Informations, the results were clearly visible. The simplicity of the site was very well balanced with the aspects that it had that were all aimed to increase our client base along with the subsequent increase in our sales. Facets like Email a friend and Cross-Sell have been instrumental in giving us the industry footing that we desired and thereby augur publicity and eventually sales.

The ecommerce solution is the be-all and end-all of an online store. We are thankful to Infinity Informations for providing us with a solution that has enabled us to safely sail through the cruel, competitive and rough waters of online marketing.

Josh Symonds, Pacific Merchants
Fleur de Lis

Specialized florists for all the occasions we are in this business since 2004. Our online debut has been a success story throughout and most of the credit goes to Infinity Informations. Increase of profits by increasing the customer base is the obvious aim of any business concern and we are no different. We chose Infinity Informations Pvt Ltd to assist us in our objective.
The best part about partnering Infinity Informations is their minute understanding of the issues. The site we have been provided with has the stamp of professionalism, simplicity and clarity, just the way we wanted. Even the customers go by these features when they are in for buying things online. Apart from this our site also has the feel of uniqueness, freshness, and certain aspects that have been instrumental in improving the rankings of our site. Our customers find it extremely easy to choose and make purchases through the one of its kind calendar format wherein it’s clearly demarcated when purchases can be made and when deliveries are entertained. Now, we have been able to bring all our products to the forefront with the help of an all encompassing inventory, something that is unthinkable offline and would have not been possible without the ecommerce solution that we were provided with. Today we are a known name in the floral world. We are glad to say that our decision to go online has been perfectly complemented by the ecommerce solution we got from Infinity Informations and we strongly recommend the same to others as well!

Ben Eastman, Fleur de Lis

The biggest return that we derived by entrusting the task of building our storefront with Infinity Informations Pvt Ltd is that we have been able to single mindedly devote all our attention into hiking up the sales without fretting about store management issues. I have been single handedly able to look into the matters of management and maintenance without hiring any professionals for the task. The user friendly and easy to handle maintenance and management aspects of the site saved us much of our time and energy which we could utilize in multiplying the sales, and which I am glad to say we did. Apart from increasing profits we were also able to cut down certain costs that we had to incur earlier.
The shopping cart solution was a delight to handle apart from being safe, secure, and stable and was made exactly as per our wishes. In addition we had a through control over the shopping cart software.   
The support that we received in the process of building the site and even after that was tremendous and quite heartening I must say. Even after the delivery of the site whenever we faced any tricky issues we were given a patient ear and our issues were instantly resolved. This gave us tremendous confidence as we felt the much needed sense of safety, security and stability that is instrumental for any partnership to bear fruits.

Howard Cox, Oxitrim
Fashion Time.

We couldn't have asked more from an ecommerce solution than what we got by hosting with Infinity Informations Pvt Ltd. Today, if we can boost of excellent reviews, enviable rankings and remarkable returns, it's only because of Infinity Informations.
We believe our forte has been the easy functionality of our site. Going by the wide range of products that we deal in we needed a design that would cater to all our inventories without looking untidy, complex and hanky panky. We were quite pleased with the first look of the site; the simplicity, clarity and easy intelligibility that it offered, not only gave the admin a better grip over the site but also ensured user friendliness for our clients. This easy setup also enabled us fast and effective implementation. Over and above the homepage of the site covered all the required information that a customer might ask for. Our storefront have also been specialized and fortified by special features like live support system. In short, just the ideal ecommerce solution from an ideal set of professionals.

Dave Nixon, Fashion Time
Arthro 7

We deal in arthro7 which is a specialist cure for arthritis. We approached Infinity Informations when we decided to go global by joining the bandwagon of the innumerable online shops.
The team at Infinity Informations completely understood our novelty with the concept of maintaining and managing an online store. They provided us with complete control over our storefront and helped us in its proper management by giving us a customized content management system to ensure user friendliness. We are in total control over the areas of product management and package management. In addition when we were delivered the ecommerce solution it was completely free of any loophole whatsoever. It was indeed heartening to know that you guys at Infinity tracked the project right from the very first stage till its deployment with the help of the features like MS Visio and Allfusion Erwin.

We have been so pleased with the ultimate product and the turnover that we have witnessed since the time we ventured online that we have even entrusted Infinity Informations with the task of upgrading our site to meet the latest demands in the market and ensure satisfaction from the customer end. In short our association with Infinity Informations has been immensely enriching and paying.

Clarissa Brown, Arthro7
Prostata Plus

Prostata Plus deals with the area of prostate cancer which is a very common ailment in men. We have established ourselves as a trusted formula for the treatment of the disease. The objective of catering to the global market spurred our decision to start an online presence.

The biggest difficulty that we faced was the lack of technical knowledge as regards running an online store. As a result we were also not clear about the requirements that would ensure our success online too just as we are a successful name in the offline market. What struck us most about the team at Infinity Informations is their efforts to ease us down and make us feel at home keeping at the same time the professionalism intact. The whole team at Infinity were a very patient lot entertaining us whenever we were stuck or we had queries. They helped us identify our requirements and specifications. Today we can control and navigate each and every department of our site on our own without the aid of any professionals. The upgradations have also been extremely benefiting and keeping in with the latest in the industry.

Larry McKenzie, Prostata Plus
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